Dark and damp place,
People have come there to relieve stress.

Cigarette smokes, eyes that never meet, music from outside …,

Suddenly something came in between the white legs on the sofa.
Suddenly the sofa engulfed the entire body and I could not move.

I looked out the window
trying to ask for help to the people
what returned was the garbage and spit.

Under the moon rising over and over between the mountains overlapping each other
I bled and cried out for help.
It was dark and it hurt. I was scared.
For some reasons, you who have to protect us neglected it all
The strangers became accomplices and observers
drunk in the mood.
And we could not escape from the red flower and the red moon.

In the town where you live
They kill people and tear them apart, gut it over and over again and process them all and sell them.

Endless spiders gathered around me and covered my body
I could not escape
Your body was stuffed and could not do anything.
I thought if I pretend not to care like you, I may survive
so I pretending today again.

필자 : Soyeon KIM kim.soyeon.0305@gmail.com
I grew up in a great deal of violence. I was always on the run, hiding, then I wanted to paint my story to tell people like me that they are not alone. To comfort people and change the stereotype about victims of violence and mental illness, I have been working on a series of illustration based on my experiences and psychological approaches. You are not alone.